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If you are creating an e-commerce web site or want to add a virtual store to your site, there are many options to choose from. With so many different options and so many differences from one to another, there is no right answer, just different options that may work better or worse in different situations.

Here we present X-Cart web design services. The difference between open source website designing solutions and X-Cart development is that; it is a shopping cart with license that is safer & has 24 hour customer support, but requires a valid license to use. For many of us money is not a problem when it comes to online security and trust online.

X-Cart website design allows implementation of a storefront for viewing on the site and an admin panel in the back-end of a shopping cart developed using PHP website development & MySQL database with CSS-based layout and using many customizable templates. It also has software components and AJAX-based WYSIWYG editor for entering content into the storefront of the shop, SEO optimization features & functionality to search among products and categories and is accompanied by a professional design and numerous amenities for experienced X-Cart developers.

X-Cart development features:
  • Import and export data to various levels of management: you can export configuration data, data users, data categories, products, prices, taxes and shipping rates, orders, etc.
  • Customizable system language support, currency symbol and weight configuration / unit for size. You can also configure a list of regions / provinces
  • Code compatibility with W3C XHTML 1.0
  • Advanced Editing: CKEditor, TinyMCE (WYSIWYG editor) and InnovaStudio for the content of products, categories, description of the producers, etc.
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails of the products.
  • Preview of the categories.
  • Menu for expanding the categories of products.
  • Managing e-mail in HTML format for notifications of orders and / or product information.
  • Managing Contacts with customizable tabs.
  • Analysis and tracking of sales: You can get statistics on the number of products, customers, products and categories of visits, sales by product, best sellers, and total sales to queries made by users.
  • Management reviews and reviews of products.
  • Security system: HTTPS / SSL to access the administration panel, log management system, management of failed login attempts, block access to IP, access control by generating random numbers, etc.
  • Supported payment gateways: PayPal, 2CO, sagepay, FedEx, eWay, InterShipper, DHL, USPS, Google Checkout, beanstream, WorldPay, moneybookers.com, UPS Ready, Barclaycard and amazon payments.
System requirement for X-Cart Customization & X-Cart Modules:
System requirements are modest. A web server with PHP 4 (for PHP website development) and MySQL database is sufficient. But as always, the more powerful the hardware the more clients a system can handle. The template system is free from the project. This powerful and flexible system offers very extensive customization. Business and presentation logic and the layout and design are clearly separated.

Maintenance Details for X-Cart Development
X-Cart can generate a static HTML catalog of inventory. The catalog offers two advantages: Search engines see the content of static pages as 'valuable'. In addition, the server load when searching the web stores is lower. The options of all installed external modules are combined on a separate page. The more modules are installed the more input fields are displayed on the page.

X-Cart can be technically difficult to be described. The high level of flexibility is usually coupled with simple operation.

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