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A number of associations like hotels, cafe, merchants, craftsmen, producers, artists and several others do not need to frequently updated content on their company web design because the products as well as services offered remain untouched for quite a few months.

Static website designing is the most feasible way out for these organizations. Adding up to a low charge for its html web design, static website design can get ranked on search engines easily.

The count of web pages for small size business web design differs, depending on the needs of the company or the services and products provided by the organization. Media company web design pages ranges from 8 to 12 pages per website.

Every static web design is effortlessly extensible. You can add data, pages, and other features at any time on HTML website design.

This solution is suitable for small organizations that need to have a presence on the internet without investing too much money for static website designing. It is clear that more and more businesses require a simple website design, in place of complex site with many pages.

If your business only offers a product and your competition is minimal, the static site is sufficient to endorse your organization on the internet. If your company wants to get a modern image and want to provide most recent information then static website designing is your "calling card" on the web to professionally develop your name.

Simple website design have minimum of 4-6 pages: "Homepage", "About Us" and "Contact Us" are the main pages which have to be present on your site. Despite being a very low budget site HTML website design can provide enough information about your organizations activities.

Internet users want to see:
  • Who are you?
  • What do you offer?
  • Where Are You?
  • How to contact?
Website must deliver the data that the user is requesting:
  • "Home" page will be presented with the products & services provided by company.
  • The "About Us" will display the references, history and philosophy of your company.
  • "Contact Us" will provide the information necessary to achieve the business by using phone number, mobile number, fax, email and form to send a message from the site.
If you decide to increase products or decide to add information and functionality on the site, we can easily extend the base site to an unlimited number of pages or products. For creating static site we use XHTML/HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The site is enhanced to be available for any computer, any operating system and can load quickly even with slow internet connections.

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