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Developing a Search Engine Friendly website design is no longer a rocket science; however there is a systematic & ethical approach towards developing a SEO Web design. Our SEO Web design services create sites that are appealing to your prospective customers as well as search engine robots. Developing a highly appealing website without being optimized for search engines, is as good as not developing a website or ensuring NO returns on your online investment.

Hepta Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a professional SEO Web Design Company providing creative & highly functional SEO Web Design Services. Our highly skilled & experienced SEO Web Designers adapts the right strategy without compromising on the aesthetic appearance of your site, so that the search engine robots can easily crawl your web pages.

To develop a successful Search Engine Friendly website design, our skilled SEO Web Designers understands, codes, builds & deploys highly optimized website using the following best and ethical SEO practices: -
  • A SEO Web Design should have a very easy and simple to use sitemap/ navigation structure.
  • Avoid using Flash animation / banners.
  • Do not use frames.
  • Research on the target keyword(s)/ keyphrase(s).
  • Optimum use of the targeted keyword(s)/ keyphrase(s) in the Meta Tags and URL's.
  • CSS based drop down menus and effective use of CSS Stylesheets. Avoid Javascript and Flash.
  • Check density of targeted keyword(s)/ keyphrase(s) in document text.
  • Do not hide text and/ or color the text as the background.
  • Optimum use of target keyword(s)/ keyphrase(s) in anchor text, alt tags, title tags and heading (H 1, H 2, H 3) tags.
  • Imperative to have a separate Sitemap as a web page as it helps the search engine robot to index each and every web page of your site.
  • Keyword rich content with the target keyword(s)/ keyphrase(s).
SEO Web Design Company is unlike any other web agency who provides just a website, we are known to provide high quality SEO web design services and add a lot of value to your site at very competitive rates. Call us on +91-522-2612816.
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