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IXXO ecommerce shopping cart is a very powerful website builder application that allows you to create, manage and effectively introduce your products on the internet. Our ecommerce shopping cart solutions for IXXO cart web development permits you to develop a professional as well as expert web presence without the need of any programming knowledge. IXXO Cart is the best choice for traders who are serious about their work. This helps trader to effectively manage and face the challenges of a successful internet business. IXXO cart web development can be used for monitoring all your major payment gateways and getting transaction records for future observation.

One of the exceptional features of this IXXO Ecommerce shopping cart is the support for different languages. This feature allows you to display your products in any language of your choice. Due this powerful feature, your online shop will not be limited to any language barriers.

IXXO Cart web development features:
  • It allows you to compare products.
  • It can be integrated to ECC for QuickBooks.
  • It also has integration with Amazon Merchant Services.
  • Product pricing can be set on the basis of its weight and dimensions.
Based on your requirement, these are some extensions that may be added by our IXXO cart web developers:
  • FJ Related Articles Plus
  • Jomres v4 Booking Management System
  • Flash video gallery
FJ Related Articles Plus
This extension can be helpful for achieving these tasks
  • Article Preview option is given for displaying it in tooltip.
  • Display module, on the required page of Menu item.
  • Arrange the article with the author name.
  • Group all the matching keywords or phrases.
  • Display articles on the basis of its category or section.
  • Arrange a list of matching keywords or phrases.
  • Set a cutoff point for a specific category or area.
  • Select a category, section, author alias, and author values from the given list instead of ID number.
  • Set a cutoff point for the list of related articles by number.
Jomres v4 Booking Management System
Jomres is the unparalleled head of Joomla booking applications that offers the most powerful feature compared to any other system in its class. Jomres is the best module for IXXO cart web development that can be used for booking anything that can be required for the day. For example: booking of hotels, guest houses, holiday homes, villas, bed and breakfast. Jomres configuration options are really specific to its properties that also include languages.

Flash video gallery
This Flash video gallery module of IXXO ecommerce shopping cart web development provides you several configurations such as auto play, title, color, size and other options that are required for managing videos.

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